International Journal of

Management Theory and Practices


Volume 1, Number 1, August 2000





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The Ex-ante and Ex-post Relationships between Bond Ratings and SFAS 33 Measures

David C. Yang, University of Hawaii

Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, Rutgers University 




An Experimental Analysis of Multiple Criteria Capital Budgeting Decisions

Da-Hsien Bao, Rowan University

Thomas W. Lin, University of Southern California




Pricing Commodity-Indexed Preferred Securities

K. C. Chen, California State University, Fresno

Sangphill Kim, University of Massachusetts, Lowell  

Lifan Wu, California State University, Los Angeles




Sensor-based on-line screening procedure and Tool replacement policy  

Dong Shang Chang, National Central University 

Kwei Tang, Louisiana State University

Chien Wei Lai, Lite-On Company,Taiwan, Republic of China




Multiple-Level Clustering Analysis for Health Data Mining

Chih-Ping Wei, National Sun Yat-Sen University

Paul Jen-Hwa Hu, University of South Florida

Liang-Ming Kung, IBM Taiwan Corporation

Joseph Tan, University of British Columbia




The Impact of Electronic Commerce Innovation on Marketing Management  
N. Archer, Y. Yuan, and R. Bassett
Michael G. DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

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